About Sarah Grace

“What’s good my amazing friends! Old friends, new friends, and yet to be friends, and hey, what’s up to the haters, too

My name is Sarah Grace, some know me as Sarah Amazing Grace, I’m your host! If you don’t know me yet, we’ll, it’s time we change that. My name is Sarah grace, some know me as Sarah amazing grace.

I am first and foremost saved by the amazing grace of Jesus, and I am not afraid to speak about him. Those who know me know, I’m not afraid to speak about much. I’m a pastors kid, I’ve been studying the Bible, and have been in the ministry in one form or fashion since I gave my life to Jesus.

I’ve had several careers, from modeling, and behind the scenes clothing styling, to being a midwife/Doula, working in trauma medicine, clinical laboratory tech, to being an assistant to one of the top Lyme disease physicians, and top cardiopulmonary doctors. I bounced from acute medicine into a career of being a skin care professional and a more chill life creating a botanical skin care line. I’ve kind of done a little bit of a whole lot of things! Kind of makes me a great person to have on your Trivial Pursuit team. Ha!

On a heavier note, I’ve survived some pretty wild trials in my life. I was in a devastating car accident that left me permanently injured. I was told I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. God had other plans for me, and he’s used that miracle healing to bring others to know him. Ive know great love, and great loss. Several of my friends have passed into glory including two of my best friends. I’ve lost my dad, and also my husband and I have lost 18 children, all from inside my womb.

You know, each of our lives have unique callings. God doesn’t cause the brokenness or devastating life circumstances, but through His redemption they can be used to shape us in who we truly are meant to be, and will be used for good in our lives, to ultimately bring glory to His kingdom. That’s pretty amazing to think about.